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About Us



Bio-Med Animal Health is a proprietary limited animal health company that specialises in holistic and integrative veterinary medicine solutions. Our core focuses are on developing premium animal health products for a vast range of applications within the veterinary health industry around the world; along with offering access to integrative and holistic veterinary medicine solutions for both large and small animal species. Our core mission is to allow science and wisdom to unite, and further welcome a space that embraces greater health and true healing through innovation, research, education, support and collaboration within the veterinary health community, side by side; globally.


We truly believes that when naturopathic veterinary medicine meets allopathic veterinary medicine; a synergy between the two models of health establish a true and exceptional foundation of holistic and primary patient care when applied appropriately, therefore improving the health and well-being of our animals.


Bio-Med Animal Health is committed to bringing you the cornerstone of service that is individualistically tailored to your animal’s health needs and requirements. Our extensive network of professionals gives you access to leading Veterinary Naturopathic/Herbalist Practitioners, Veterinary Surgeon/Medicine Practitioners and Allied Health Services, proudly covering a broad spectrum of areas of expertise including but not limited to such as; domestic/companion animal veterinary medicine & surgery, equine & canine performance medicine and surgery, theriogenology (animal reproductive medicine) and livestock/production.

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