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Ferrum Ion

  • What is FERRUM ION? :

    FERRUM ION is a highly palatable and absorbable Iron (FE) liquid supplement that is used in Equine and Canine animals that have Iron (FE) deficiencies and or show signs of being susceptible to Iron (FE) deficiencies through strenuous exercise and or loss of blood.


    What benefits may FERRUM ION achieve? :

    • Contains no Cobalt!
    • Increase energy and muscular function
    • Increase haemoglobin and oxygen flow throughout the physiological functions
    • Assist and or prevent lethargy and exhaustion related to Iron (FE) levels
    • Assists with greater well-being and general performance
    • Assist with greater performance through strenuous exercise and recovery
    • May reduce the risk of self-harm due to destructive behaviour relating to stress
    • Safe and may be well tolerated
    • Improve blood counts
    • Can be used for anaemic equine and canine animals
    • Assist with improving the condition of anorexic equine and canine animals that relate to Iron (FE) deficiencies
    • Improve general weakness and or compromised growth rate related to Iron (FE) deficiencies  
    • May improve eating habits if underlying cause was related to Iron (FE) deficiencies
    • May assist with preventing potential soft tissue injuries


    Why use FERRUM ION? :

    Iron (FE) deficiencies can be very common in canine animals and especially problematic in both equine and canine animals if an Iron (FE) deficiency has occurred. Iron (FE) deficiencies and or levels can decrease due to many factors such as; diet, soil quality (horses), blood loss, parasitic ailments, strenuous exercise/work, pregnancy/birth and poor vitamin and mineral supplementation (over or under supplementation).  Iron (Fe) is a mineral needed for haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Iron is also needed for energy, good muscle (as part of myosin and actomyosin) and organ function. About 70% of the body's iron is bound to haemoglobin in red blood cells. Effects of Iron (FE) deficiencies and or levels can result in lethargy, weakness, anaemia, compromised growth rate, poorer muscular function, depression, anorexia, low energy, decreased performance and recovery and thyroid imbalances.

    FERRUM ION can be of further benefit when used in conjunction with other Bio-Med Animal Health products. If you require any further assistance or would like to discuss a beneficial management plan for your animal, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team directly at Bio-Med Animal Health. 



    *This product and or information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Bio-Med Animal Health advise to consult with a licensed veterinary practitioner whenever health advice and or treatment is required for your animal.