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Gammazol 2000

  • What is Gammazol 2000? :

    Gammazol 2000 is a premium equine, holistic dietary feed pellet for horses lacking in condition, muscle and topline. Gammazol 2000 uses only superior ingredients that are blended to make an innovative propriety equine pellet using selected rice bran oil, a plant derived potent source of gamma oryzanol with encapsulated pre and probiotics to improve gut nutrition and aid digestion.

    Most gamma oryzanol products on the market today are generally only food grade quality without the sufficient levels of concentrate to be effective. Gammazol 2000 has a purified concentrated gamma oryzanol that is easily digested in the gut.

    Research performed in Australia, Japan and the United States demonstrated that gamma oryzanol has positive results on weight gain and performance. Gamma oryzanol effects acts upon the horses endocrine system causing increased metabolism of fat and improved synthesis of protein, leading to increased lean body mass. The research in horses revealed that horses supplemented with gamma oryzanol had better muscle to fat ration, with improved muscle definition in the rump, neck and over the withers. In addition, studies have shown that gamma oryzanol is a natural antioxidant and can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Horses also had a protective effect against stress induced gastric ulcers.


    Test studies have shown the Gammazol 2000 assists with the following:

    • Muscle Definition
    • Hoof Growth and Health
    • Laminitis Preventative
    • Healthy Coats
    • Immune Enhancing Properties
    • Higher Energy & Strength
    • Appetite Stimulant
    • Protective Effect Against Stressed Induced Gastric Ulcers
    • Higher Feed Conversion Rate
    • Faster Training Recovery
    • Promoting Beneficial Bacteria In The Gut
    • Assists With Liver Dysfunction




    BIO-MED ANIMAL HEALTH products are END (Excluded Nutritional or Digestive) products, that do not reduce voluntary feed intake, unless clearly stated otherwise.

    BIO-MED ANIMAL HEALTH products, and its associated information and/or any general information provided in any form, does not claim to treat, cure, diagnose and/or prevent any ailment or disease. Always seek healthcare advice by a licensed veterinarian or relevant qualified veterinary healthcare professional.

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