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Lactic Aid

  • What is LACTIC AID? :


    LACTIC AID is an easy to use oral paste formula that assists in improving performance and reducing recovery down time. LACTIC AID may assist by reducing and slowing down lactic acid production and fatigue by up to 30% within the horses ATP system as of a result of the powerful antioxidants and branch chain amino acid technology that responds to metabolic stress associated with heavy exertion. LACTIC AID uses no fillers nor preservatives and contains a superior grade blend of B.C.A.A.; as well as being supported by key antioxidants and supporting nutrients to aid in the important role of optimum muscular energy supplementation, endurance, reduction of lactic acid production, strength/conditioning and overall health and well-being promotion for the active horse.


    What Benefits May Lactic Aid Achieve?:


    • Improves lactic acid thresholds and reduces lactic acid production
    • Assists in maintaining anaerobic and aerobic output
    • Improves endurance athleticism and ability
    • Naturally improves Oxygen (02) circulation within the body whilst under exertion
    • Reduces recovery downtime and general muscular soreness
    • Reduces behavioural signs associated with physical stress
    • Reduces muscular fibre breakdown
    • Aids with the prevention and or management of tying up (exertional rhabdomyolysis) or metabolic acidosis
    • Increases nitric oxide output and reduces cellular oxidation


    Mechanisms of Action: 


    Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are comprised of three essential amino acids; Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. As they are essential, the body cannot secrete and or produce these amino acids on its own, therefore these amino acids need to be acquired through dietary sources. Amino acids are building blocks of protein; they stimulate protein development in muscle tissue and reduce muscular breakdown. BCAAs are known to increase muscle growth, repair and enhance exercise performance, whilst also reducing fatigue and improving recovery post exercise. The body’s total amino acid percentage compromises of almost 40% BCAAs and up to 18% of these amino acids are found in the muscle tissue. Due to BCAAs mostly being metabolised in the muscle rather than the liver it is deemed to have an important role in energy production during exercise. BCAAs may also regulate energy production as they assist in regulating glycaemic levels in the body by preserving liver and muscle sugar glucose stores and stimulating the cells to promote glucose carry over from the blood, therefore the cells are enriched with nutrients.


    Why Use Lactic Aid:


    The horses physiological functions cannot synthesise branch chain amino acids, and research studies have shown that they play an important role during and post exercise. Following heavy exertion, muscle and hepatic tissue nutrients are utilised by the bodies’ cells to balance any nutritional deficits that have occurred, therefore degrading such organ and or body systems. This may reduce performance and recovery post strenuous exertion, as well as increase the risks of stress related conditions such as exertional rhabdomyolysis and or metabolic acidosis. Supplementing your horse with LACTIC AID may reduce the risks of these conditions from occurring as well improving performance and recovery. Furthermore LACTIC AID elevates the nitric oxide levels in the body, this molecule is also used to protect, repair and maintain healthy cells, therefore improving general health and well-being. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team directly via the details noted. We would gladly be of assistance.



    *This product and or information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Bio-Med Animal Health advise to consult with a licensed veterinary practitioner whenever health advice and or treatment is required for your animal.