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  • What is STIMUFORTE? :

    STIMUFORTE is a powerful nutraceutical formula that aids in the stimulation, support and modulation of immunological function. STIMUFORTE may also be used beneficially as a preventative as well as an aid to combat common viral and bacterial related ailments. STIMUFORTE naturally acts by reducing free radicals, reducing oxidation, detoxification of the hepatic, renal, digestive and respiratory systems; whilst also supporting the cardiovascular system. STIMUFORTE’s tonic constituents may also assist in blood regulation, purification and lymphatic function. Collectively, reducing oxidation, reducing free radical activity, detoxification of toxins within the major organ systems; as well as lymphatic and haematological support; are all key factors that work synergistically together to holistically stimulate, modulate and support immunological function.


    What benefits may STIMUFORTE achieve?

    • Promote healthy physiological functioning within the vital organs
    • Improve recovery downtime
    • Prevent stress
    • Naturally aid with cardiovascular conditions- i.e. congestive heart failure
    • Assist with greater well-being and general performance
    • Prevent virus spreads between other canines and felines
    • Reduce the risk of premature retirement due to side effects related to an active or dormant virus, bacterial issue or immunological suppression
    • Stimulate and modulate the function of the immunological system
    • Increase energy, and reduce lethargy and melancholy symptoms
    • Improve symptoms in geriatric canines and felines
    • Assist in the detoxification of the hepatic, renal, respiratory & digestive systems
    • Assist in the management of respiratory related ailments
    • Improve symptoms of common pathogenic activity

    STIMUFORTE may beneficially be used in conjunction with other Bio-Med Animal Health products. If you require any further assistance or would like to discuss a beneficial management plan for your animal, please do not hesitate to contact the friendly team directly at Bio-Med Animal Health. 

    Bio-Med Animal Health products can be voluntary consumed and do not reduce voluntary feed intake.



    *This product and or information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Bio-Med Animal Health advise to consult with a licensed veterinary practitioner whenever health advice and or treatment is required for your animal.