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Here at Bio-Med Animal Health, we truly believe that when Alternative Medicine meets Conventional Medicine; a synergy between the two models of health establish a greater holistic model of health; and therefore increase the rate of  prevention, maintenance and healing. We are so passionate about this that Bio-Med Animal Health allows you and your animal(s) access to a Veterinary Herbalist Practitioner that is here to support you and your animal(s), every step of the way! Our Veterinary Herbalist is fully accredited and certified with associations such as IICT and SAENA; which gives you the peace of mind that the service you will receive is of the highest, professional standards.

Our Veterinary Herbalist Practitioner gives you access to the following:

  • Importantly, the time you and your animal(s) deserve

  • Onsite, detailed consultations

  • Specific preventative, maintenance and treatment plans; associated specifically to your animal(s) health needs

  • Specifically formulated herbal medicine that is manufactured and dispensed for your animal(s)

  • Incorporate other Veterinary/Animal Health professionals and practitioners into the management plan for your animal(s) if required

  • National and global support, service and care

  • Fully accredited, expert advice and service

  • Follow up, reporting and professional medical history documentation

  • Strenuous exercise management and supplementation

We believe no condition is too minor or great to give you and your animal(s) our full hearted attention. If you have any queries of how our friendly and professional Veterinary Herbalist Practitioner or other services may be of assistance to you and your animal(s), please do not hesitate to contact us direct; the team at Bio-Med Animal Health are excited to be of beneficial assistance.

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